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Impact of Government Shutdown on Orlando Housing Authority’s Section 8 Payments Landlords

January 15, 2019


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is currently closed due to the partial federal government shutdown.   The Orlando Housing Authority is open for business.  Beyond what is reported in the media, the Orlando Housing Authority (OHA) has no information on when the shutdown may end.  In light of the growing concern regarding the availability of Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) under Section 8 contracts (aka Housing Choice Voucher Program), we wish to share the following information with our landlords and participants.

The Section 8 payments are funded by HUD, not by local housing authorities like OHA.  HUD provides standard monthly funding to OHA so that we can, in turn, distribute those payments directly to landlords.  Prior to the shutdown, HUD scheduled the standard monthly funding for both January and February 2019, and OHA anticipates receiving and distributing those payments through February.  If the shutdown continues past February, then HUD’s housing assistance payments to OHA could be delayed; however, new landlord and/or participant agreements will be executed during this shutdown.  Regardless of this shutdown and any resulting HUD payment delays, Section 8 Program participants/tenants are still responsible for paying their portion of the rent on time.

Contact you member of the United States Congress to express your views.  Go to and input your name and address to locate your member(s) of Congress in the Housing of Representative and in the Senate.


Vivian Bryant, Esq.



4/30/2015  3:34:29 PM


Participation as an Orlando Housing Authority (OHA) Section 8 landlord is FREE  There is NO CHARGE.  We will never ask for your credit card information.  If you have been asked to provide payment for participating in OHA’s Section 8 program, please report this fraudulent activity to us immediately by emailing

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To All Section 8 participating Landlords:
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has changed the way they fund the Housing Authority. The HUD change, therefore, changes the timing of OHA’s HAP payments to you. Therefore, HAP payments will be deposited via ACH into your account between the 2nd and 5th day of each month. OHA will make every effort to make HAP payments the earliest date possible.